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The Couples and Relationships Research Lab's program of research focuses on the couple relationship, and the individual and conjugal factors that impact both couple and psychological wellbeing in diverse life situations and adversity. Read more

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Study on Psychological and Conjugal Well-Being of Couples Undergoing Fertility Treatment

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Parents of Little Fighters: Living with Pediatric Cancer

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COuples in LOng-term relationships: Sexuality, Support, and Attachment in daily Life (CoLoSSAL)

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Infertility, at the heart of our research

We are particularly interested in infertility. We attempt to better understand the impacts of this experience on psychological, conjugal, and sexual well-being, as well as to develop proper interventions that aim to promote healthy adaptation in couples followed in fertility clinics.

All couples do not adapt the same way during fertility treatments.

Our research has shown the existence of several couples’ profiles; to self-blame or not for the fertility difficulty would be a key element in the psychological and conjugal adjustment in couples undergoing fertility treatments.

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