The Couples and Relationships Research Lab is located at the psychology department of the University of Montréal. The lab is led by Dr. Katherine Péloquin and brings doctoral students together, as well as many undergraduate students and research assistants who hope to develop knowledge on couple psychology.

Our lab conducts and disseminates research on different themes related to couple relationships, with a focus on sexuality and wellbeing. We attempt to understand the individual and relational factors that favour both wellbeing and optimal functioning in relationships, as well as factors that contribute to relationship problems in various stressful situations and adversity. We are also interested into psychological interventions in order to help couples who are facing diverse struggles. One of our lab's research axes focuses on fertility difficulties and their impacts on psychological and conjugal wellbeing of couples facing infertility.

Our lab is part of the Interdisciplinary Research Centre on Intimate Relationship Problems and Sexual Abuse (CRIPCAS), and is also supported by a team grant from the Fonds de recherche du Québec - Société et Culture (FRQSC) for the SCOUP team - Sexuality and Couples.

To learn more about our studies or to participate to our ongoing projects, we invite you to consult the Ongoing projects tab in the top menu of our website.


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Our Team

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Katherine Péloquin

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Virginie Arpin

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Noémie Beaulieu

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Sabryna Bergeron

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Mélissa Callaci

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Sawsane El Amiri

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Héloïse Filion

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Thalie Labonté

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Sabrina Laplante

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Stéphanie Pelletier